Thank you for visiting Soul Journey, I love connecting with you & feel blessed that you stopped by.

My intention is to make beautiful jewellery that holds all the power of crystals, symbols & numerology - click                               for more info.

Not only are they pretty to look at, they are close to your energetic aura & give a constant visual reminder of our truth.

I'm Sarah, amongst many things, I'm a Mum, actor & singer & live with my beautiful daughter, dog & cats in a village amongst the lovely English Countryside in Oxfordshire.

Like you, I've been on my own soul journey, with it's ups & downs, twists & turns, learning to love & find the beauty in all my imperfections ...not always easy :-)

Despite everything, I have always been drawn (sometimes pushed) back into my own truth within my heart, & have always been deeply attracted to the metaphysical, knowing that we are much more than these physical bodies.

I have a thirst for learning the truth of our world, how we manifest our reality & our ability to heal. 

So, along my journey I've trained as a Law of Attraction coach, & as an EFT practitioner...although I do tend to mix lots of healing techniques to make my own blend! :-)

I absolutely love crystals which I believe were once great trees that still retain their immense power, secrets & knowledge of the universe, & I believe that's why many are so attracted to their mystical beauty & magic.

I've also learnt recently so much about the way symbology has been used in our world for both good & bad, so I've chosen specific symbols that resonate with me & are both powerful to hold close & as a visual reminder of our truth.

I don't know where to start with numerology, I'm no expert & it's such a huge topic...but I know in my heart that numbers are the key to the universe. I'm fascinated with Nikola Tesla's work & deeply believe this will become part of the fabric of our lives very soon.

Humanity is collectively ascending into a new earth, & with all my heart I wish you all the love & peace as we go on that journey together.


P.S. - I'd love to know if you have any interesting info on crystals, symbols or numerology...

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